The Broomway

Basically a deadly beach walk with quicksand, mists and very fast rising tides.

Sounds great if you want to scare the shit out of yourself.



I actually ended up there after noting he said ‘quicksand’ in that video and wondering about how much there is these days.

There was a whole bit on a radio show once (I think maybe Kermode?) about how Quicksand was this really ‘big’ thing in TV and film for a while, a constant bogeyman that got pulled out and then suddenly it’s just nothing.

I certainly recall one episode of Manimal involved him becoming a snake so they could pull someone out of quicksand.

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Just reminds me of Neverending Story and the Swamp of Sadness :sob:

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Do you mean this article?

Essex is weird.


I got caught in quicksand when on a beach in Essex near Mucking/Shell Haven as a kid. It only went up to my knees, but it was still pretty scary.

This may be what was being discussed but I’m sure it was on radio talking about film stuff.

Oh right. That’s such a weird stat though: 3% of all films at one point in the 60s featured quicksand.

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I think this was probably best chapter of the book the Old Ways