The Bug Club (rolling)

Looks like they’ve signed to Sub Pop, which is lovely news.

And they’ve got a new song called Quality Pints, which is about as good as you’d expect a Bug Club song called that to be

What a good band


So fun, better live than on album. Saw them supporting BODEGA, their own headline show last year, and think they’re one of the top acts for the Psych Fest in autumn

Sad about the drummer change but seems for good reasons so no real issue


Forgotten they were playing psych fest. I get to see them twice this summer! Possibly.

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thought this going to be a thread for listening to the The Bug

Playing a matinee in the raucous pub by the stadium on bank holiday monday. Bang up for it.


They keep playing the Netherlands and I keep missing them. Need to rectify that asap, great band.