The burning Twitter hell fire

What on earth is going on? I’ve had my head up my arse a bit but it seems people are registering fake accounts left right and centre and causing utter chaos.

I know it’s probably being covered in the Elton musk thread but I feel it deserves its own thread


Yes,this is all being discussed in the


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The parallels with Liz Truss are quite spooky, you gotta admit


Under Big Brain Elon’s instruction, they made it so there’s no verification process for a blue tick any more, you just need to pay $8.

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Funny you should say that, as The Verge noted that:

Precisely this. A quick summary:

  • Musk buys Twitter. Decides to roll out a new paid-for subscription to users where, for $8 a month, they get some features including a blue ‘verified’ tick next to their username, previously used to show authenticated real celebs/politicians/businesses.
  • People pay $8 and change their username to be very similar to real celebs/politicians/businesses.
  • Said people also change their entire profile to look like those celebs/politicians/businesses too.
  • Other users then see a ‘verified’ account with that celeb/politician/business’s look and feel, so assume that it’s the real deal.
  • Those $8-paying japesters then reel off loads of tweets which damage the celeb/politician/business they’re mimicking

have we confirmed whether Twitter at least get to keep the $8, or can users just cancel their subscription once they get banned and get a refund?

I’ve seen some comments this morning that people are able to request chargebacks if they don’t get their month of benefits for their $8 investment, and that each chargeback would cost around $12 to process. That’s total rumour but I’d love to believe it.


Oh hark at Ms “I need my own thread”


In my defence I hadn’t opened the musk thread when I started.

Now I’m up to speed I wanna see the best examples of fake tweets… Might as well grab some popcorn for the hellfire


R/realtwitteraccounts has a few

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Good ones here but plenty of others kicking around.

My favourite two:








Yeah I think this is going to be very specific to your bank or credit card.

The fact is that you obviously do technically forfeit your fee if you break the T&Cs I would think. I mean I saw stuff about how this sort of contract can be broken but I don’t really get that. If I go to the cinema and then just start being a fucking arsehole and they chuck me out, I don’t imagine I could reasonably claim back the cost of my ticket.

However, I would imagine if there are people who’ve bought it legitimately then they might start to question if Twitter are actually giving them the service they asked for.

I stopped using Twitter when Musk took over, not out of any principle thing, just that I’d not liked it for a long time and felt like after sacking the moderation staff it would be even less fun to spend time on.

Now I kind of want to go back and see it all unfold. The only way is down.

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This one is real


Imagining this scenario is… Interesting.