The cake picture thread extravaganza



A lorry driver (!) made this for us in the office last week.

Would’ve preferred Cadbury Fingers to Kit Kats, but not a bad effort all in.

I’ve timed my day off tomorrow quite badly, as today is the Polish version of Pancake Day and my colleague said she’s bringing doughnuts in for everyone tomorrow :frowning:


Nailed it.



Did you actually make this?!?


icing’s a bit gooey



I just wanted to look at cakes


We had Fat Thursday today in my office. Annoyingly I’m still doing my stupid no dairy, no grains, no sugar February. No donuts for me!






I don’t have a photograph of it on this phone, but I can link to an image of it as it was my old profile pic.

A birthday cake my girlfriend made 6 years ago:


you know the old boards aren’t included in Most Viewed Profile anymore right?


Classic album cover cake done well:

Classic album cover cake done badly: