The Casting Game: Back to the Future

Hello and welcome to a new series of threads that may or may not be successful.

Good news, Hollywood are remaking tonnes of classic films… and they’ve asked YOU to be the casting agent.

First up is Back to the Future.

Who do you think should play Marty McFly and Doc Brown?

Please show your working.

Most likes wins.

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McFly: Awkwafina
Doc: Bruce Dern


Someone old and Tim sherwood (one of them has a gilet right? Not seen it)

Marty McFly - The fella who plays Spencer Reed on Criminal Minds

Dunno who Doc Brown is

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That comedian/rapper

Marty McFly: Sam Rockwell (will need cgi de-aging)
Doc Brown: Ted Danson


Never really saw any of the classic 80s kids films when I was a kid then watched a couple when I was a bit older (the goonies, ferris bueller) and didn’t like them so didn’t bother with any of the others

Marti - Hailee steinfeld
Doc - idris Elba

Dani Dyer/Danny Dyer


marty mcfly: jason statham

doc brown: the rock


Mart: Tom Holland
Doc: Michael Gambon
George: Tom Hollander
Lorraine: Florence Pugh
Biff: Armie Hammer

you’re quite good at this

gambon is too old though. @Steved’s bruce dern shout is pretty good. think he’s past it as well

Swap Gambon for Clark Peters


tbf, the Goonies and Ferris Bueller aren’t actually that good, compared to the likes of BTTF.

now we’re talking

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ooh…can he do zany though? what about bubbles? he’d be good

Doc - Larry David
Marty - Millie Bobbie Brown


Hailee Steinfeld would be really good as Marty.
Not sure about Elba though - I’ve never seen him do manic without looking too threatening.

Emma Thompson as Doc Brown might work, if you were completely gender-swapping the cast.

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bryan cranston could do a decent doc brown i bet