The catch-all dental hygiene routine thread

Same I was really half heartedly offered them. I wish the dentist had made the case better and I’d said yes.

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Wisdom teeth

  • 0
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

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Wisdom teeth extracted

  • Yes
  • No
  • N/A

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Need a poll option for 0.5 (halfway through - not budging)

Had around 6 out at once when I was about 12 “to make room”, they gave me gas to put me under which I had a bad reaction to, apparently causing panic in the surgery. Then afterwards when I was sat in my mum’s car waiting to go home while she was shopping I threw up a load of gross, thick blood and stuff :nauseated_face:

Also my mouth felt like a WWI battlefield for weeks.

I got one on the recommendation of my hygienist. Not used it in ages.

Ever been to a hygienist

  • Yes, worth it
  • Yes, not worth it
  • Nah

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According to dentist’s x-rays I apparently have all my wisdom teeth but they’ve never come up.

My dentist told me to switch to an electric toothbrush. He also told me I failed to brush my teeth correctly and was likely rushing every time. Felt like I was read like a book. There’s nowhere to hide in that chair!

I obviously ignored his advice. Instead of switching to electric, I perfected my manual brushing technique.

How many times a day do you normally brush em

  • Less than once
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3+

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Unless I’m going out in the evening, I’ll only brush them once. Got to 28 years so far without any falling out or rotting away - brushing before bed is a toothpaste industry conspiracy.

Feel absolutely minging going to bed without brushing. Occasionally will give them a once over if I have dinner before going out, but more likely to just swill a bit of mouthwash


I like going to the hygienist. It is unnecessary, but some of my teeth are a bit crooked and get a bit stained, so it’s purely for aesthetic reasons.

There’s no real need to go to the dentist every 6 months, but it’s a huge money spinner for them. I work with a lot of GPs and it really irritates them. Mostly because they wish they had a similar thing going on.

Morning brush

  • Before breakfast
  • After breakfast

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I love a goofy face.

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If I’ve drunk white wine then I don’t brush before bed as I was told it can be bad for your enamel. Just have to accept that your morning breath will be honking

You’re meant to do it before right? Something about brushing after scraping the acids from foods into your enamel or something like that? I eat breakfast at my desk anyway


I think so. Especially if you’re eating fruit

I had four, I now have two. I’m not sure which option to check in either of your polls.

Yeah, I treat it like the opticians. Once every 2 years unless a particular thing is causing me pain/discomfort

4, yes

I had one out when I was a little kid because another tooth was growing too close and pushing it out sideways or something. It wasn’t very pleasant. I puked up blood in the high street afterwards.

About five years ago I had one pulled out because it broke and got infected. It was done at an NHS dental clinic. They put me out with gas… Count to ten and… The next thing I remember is looking up and it was all done. No pain apart from the quick needle prick to numb the area around the tooth.

You have to go lie down for 15 minutes afterwards to let the gas wear off a bit. And you then need to have someone with you to take you home, driving you or by taxi, because you’ll be a bit wobbly for a while, like being drunk in body while not in mind. In a couple of hours I was fine and that evening I out to DJ at a club.