The Catholic Church: Child Abuse, Colonialism and Persecution

I don’t want to make this an SSP as I think people should be able to express their anger and outrage, but I would ask that posters recognise and are sensitive to the distinction between the Catholic Church as an institution and Catholicism as a religion / Catholics as a religious group.

For context, I was born and raised Catholic and after lapsing in my teens with the rest of my family, returned to the church in my early twenties. I’m lapsed again now, but ‘Catholic’ still very much feels part of my identity and I follow certain developments quite closely.

I (and others) may also post about good work that Religious or laypeople are doing in respect of countering regressive forces in the church; doing so is in no way minimising the horrors that have been (and still continue to be) committed.

Sparked by this article (but there’s not exactly a shortage to pick from).

Coincidently i watched this again last week and still gives you goosebumps. What an incredible moment.

The Catholic Church is second only to the British Empire in terms of damage done to the island of Ireland. An actively evil institution that should have no place in the running of our schools, hospitals and many other bodies throughout our island. I hate them*.

*The institution specifically.