The Cereal Cafe is back (in musical form)


Let’s cry over ‘spilt milk’ in this thread.


I met one of the brothers at a party the other week. Didn’t like him.


nice targeted advertising



the cereal cafe was fine


Me and my mate drunkenly rated our top cereals standing behind the brothers on the ferry to the Isle of Wight festival last year.

Not my finest hour.


imagine going to the Isle of Wight festival!!!


btw I love this review:

I sat in a gloomy basement and ate a bowl of breakfast cereal, and wondered if it had really come to this, if we’d dropped the A-bomb for this. All around me grown adults were eating their cereal in a state of stunned silence


We were working. Here we are working


You look like you’re having an okay time.


got paid 500 quid to roast meat and make sandwiches for 4 days. wasn’t too bad. they had the euros on a big screen next to the van so we just sat there drinking tins when we weren’t on (didn’t see a single band)


i like how you’re trying to cover up the fire that has started behind you


that’s the aurora borealis


the owners of the van were massive west country rubes, and pronounced ‘bain-marie’ in a very strange way. having never come across the term before, I pronounced it the same way the entire weekend - Bamberry.

Only found out what they were actually called months later.


you know, nuclear war might not be THAT bad…idk


the aurora borealis… at that time of year? at that time of day? in that part of the country? localised entirely within that kitchen?


d’you get free food


yeah, loads, but you get sick of roast pork sandwiches after a few days. we ended up doing exchanges with neighboring stalls, so ate like a god damn king.


…can I see it?


well profk, they said, you are an odd fellow, but you steam a good ham


i don’t wanna get Bam about this but the vast majority of people writing snarky things about the cereal cafe were/are snarky media types who are well off. including dis obv <3