The Channel 4 Royal Wedding Thread


Here’s the alternative thread, guys.

What an absolute disgrace the lot of them are, isn’t it.

Royal family

  • Lock them up
  • Deport them
  • Fire them into space

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Sleaford Mods might be the worst band in the world.


They have #vitalonions though


Why should they get to have a trip into space?

  • Fire Marckee into space
  • Keep Marckee earthbound (physically tether)

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Keep him tethered, but floating about 20000m above the earth


this is the one thing we didn’t want to happen


Lock them up and charge a tenner per royal to see them. That should appease the “but tourism!” crowd.


I know it’s a bit sixth form politics, but the whole bread and circuses nature of all this shit is fucking disgusting.




All right King Solomon


Channel 4 not the BBC? What has that country come to?




Speaking of royals, did anyone ever watch undercover prince/princess?basically they get royals from around the world to come to the UK to find love but the twist is they are pretending to be serfs like us. One beautiful scene in the first episode is when they all leave their luggage outside cause they expected someone to bring it in, and then they’re all hungry but flummoxed in the kitchen cause they’ve literally never cooked a day in their lives. Probably one of the best reality shows I’ve ever seen tbh tbf


Yes! top show

Good news is that prince Manvendra remains a good guy


Let’s fire @marckee into space if he loves the idea so much


Aww that’s good! I remember him watching porn being like “I’m fully errect!!” to the camera crew :joy: he was my favourite one


Always had a mixture of fascination and bemusement with people like this

Descendants of deposed Houses who still use their titles. Get in the bin, the lot of you.


I’m in a pretty bad mood about this, my mums had a go at me twice for not watching it, when I explained why I don’t support the royal family she said I needed to stop reading dodgy websites