The Chats - Smoko

great bunch of etc etc

Best track in the Australian music thread imho. Blows the Orange Organics clean out of the water.


ah, I didn’t realise it was in there. I did do a quick search to see if anyone had mentioned it.

Banger though!

Heard it on Radio 1 last week. Would be nice if it properly crosses over, but I suspect it’ll be pigeonholed as a novelty rather than as the vanguard of a new wave of, er, new wave.

Greatest thing ever, love it :smiley:

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And it saves having to find it buried somewhere in the Aussie thread. Smoko’s not long enough for that.

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yeah, in the very least it deserves its own thread.

probably deserves its own internet.


Has anyone listened to anything else by them? I don’t think I can bring myself to do it in case it tarnishes the Smoko legacy

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They’ve got two EPs here which I’ve downloaded - quite enjoy them both tbh. Enjoying the way go-kart is pronounced on Nambored.

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i feel the same…

Heir apparent to Cosmic Psychos I think

Both playing Cherry Rock here, so that’ll be a good day!