The Chosen One, Bornemouth Two - Weekend Ooooftball Thread

Moyes’ fate should be sealed this afternoon at home to Moneybags Bornemouth. Ull have a big game at St Marys. Burnley and Leicester should be safe enough given Swansea have an unwinnable trip to the Theatre of Dreams. The Everton/Chelsea and Spurs/Arsenal double-header might be a rare actually Super Sunday.

Outside of the big league, Wigan will be relegated today, Blackburn might follow if they don’t beat Villa. It’s a £500k day for auld Bagpuss, whose Brum side should see off nowt to play for Huddersfield. Wednesday and Fulham could seal Leeds’ fate.

League One plays out on Sunday - Bolton or Fleetwood for promotion, Millwall, Southend or Rochdale for the play-offs, Bury, Gillingham or Port Vale for the dreaded drop.

In League Two there are still somehow ELEVEN clubs in with a shout of four play-off slots. Hartlepool might go. Aldershot should seal the final BSP place. York might drop if they can’t beat Forest Green. Shit or bust for Salford and Stockport in the NLN.

European games to pretend to watch include a Barcelona derby, Real v Valencia (nearly always a goalfest), Nice v PSG, Roma v Lazio, and Inter v Napoli.


Here’s my content for the day.

We all know how it is with half and half scarves - some small timers like Bournemouth get to the quarter final of the cup and play against one of the big boys, so knock a scarf up for the occasion.

Well, look at this gem I spotted on someone’s parcel shelf at work yesterday

Also enjoying how some of the Villa fans are going up to Ewood in Blackburn shirts today. Top bants.


To be fair it’s the closest they’ve got to a big European game since Fergie was put down.

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hope Bolton don’t slip up, really don’t fancy meeting them in the playoffs with all the baggage that comes with it, and with them being better than us. I’d give us at least a sluggers chance against anyone else. exciting times

Don’t you @ me you prick111!!!
Yeah, I reckon winning a European trophy in your first season that guarantees champs league football would easily justify his rebuild season. After all City have taken 9 years to get past the 2nd round once in the CL so…


Holiday snap?


The British National Poaching Society has had to deal with some unfortunate publicity issues over the years.


Football season finished last week.

Nice to have a Saturday for the first time in months where I’m not completely living on frayed nerves.

Hope Pompey finish Steve Evans’ play-off hopes.

Some escape in the end, eh?

What were the big factors in the turnaround?

Sylvain Marveaux was employed by Newcastle United for five years. Five years.

Yeah, it was, absolutely. I was convinced we were dead and buried right up until the penultimate weekend.

The gaffer got rid of all the bad eggs with no bollocks and somehow begged, borrowed and stole a couple of lads out of favour at Connie South level who made a huge difference in terms of work-rate and commitment. We were no longer a soft touch, that’s what made the difference, such fine margins.

Thing is now, the manager has to pretty well start from scratch again in the summer as I can’t see too many of those Connie South guys sticking around on what we’re able to offer money wise. We’ll see though, he is a past master at making a shoestring work.

Villa will most likely let Blackburn win to put Arry in the relegation zone

Rangers v Celtic play out a dead rubber today, a full 6 days since their last meeting. Sixth game between them this season (Celtic 11-3 up on aggregate at the moment).

Got a feeling we’re due one where it all gets a bit heated.

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Also, those two matches tomorrow might make it worth me finding somewhere with a quiet corner to sit down and watch them.

Jeez, only just properly looked at the saturday line-up in the best league in the world. Time to hit the garden.


Gonna miss the NLD this weekend :anguished: If we were playing our usual formation Spurs would obviously win with a lot to spare, but the three at the back thing makes it quite unpredictable. You’d say a narrow Spurs win or a draw is still the most likely outcome but not foregone like it would have been a few weeks ago.

Do the Zombies actually have a player called Dunno?!

Oh it’s “Dodoo” which is still pretty (un)funny tbh

Allows for tenuous extinction jokes to be made though.

This game has been same as last week so far, rangers completely unthreatening.