The Chosen One, Bornemouth Two - Weekend Ooooftball Thread

Listening on the radio, sounds grim

looks like a bloodbath in scotland

Just blow the bloody whistle, plz. No idea how much to blame Pedro. We have a shite squad and Celtic are playing well so it is hard to say for sure. But he looks to favour zonal marking and I dunno if I have ever seen a team make that work and I’m pretty sure it requires good players.

In summary, nothing to see here.

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Quite funny but

oh wait there’s some football on too

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Not for me.

Sorry, I meant unfunny!

Pure shite, we’re miles behind Celtic. Miles.

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Worried about the Brentford game. Could do with a favour from Severed’s lads (which ones LOL!!!)

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football is dead to me

no Woods in midfield, no Henry and Colin at either fullback, officially concerned we might only win by 5

Cornweedling Parasaght, more like! (Not heard it)

back to back relegations for york :open_mouth:
guiseley staying up at their expense with a last minute header :dizzy_face:

Donald Love!

Commentator for the Hull match just said that the black kit Hull have is really intimidating black kit, which makes the players look “bigger”. Which is somehow a positive.

An intimidating kit… five points away the whole season…


Huddersfield playing the reserves against Birmingham :confused:

Blues managed to miss a pen though:D

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Villa booing their own keeper because Blackburn winning might hurt Birmingham is the absolute epitome of the midlands, isn’t it.


Might put the Cortina on all these 3 o’clock Premiership games ending 0-0.

Always had time for Delia Rovers.