The Chris Morris Thread - He's the Chungwit the Biff Boff and the Puff Pastry Hangman


well into the half profound nonsense grammar he always writes on the walls


Love these! Peter Cook really had an amazing comedic intelligence which makes them a great match.


Indeed. Cookie was an awe-inspiring genius. Although Peter was credited with writing Why Bother? and then edited by Chris, it was largely ad-libbed. Scary.


I feel a bit bad for peter cook in that. Chris morris goes really hard on him :smiley:


Pretty amazing isn’t it? All those involved flights of absurdist fancy just made up on the spot! So bloody talented.


I haven’t listened to these in years. Loving ‘Christ’.

“If you’re gonna resurrect yourself in front of thousands of people and found a whole religion on it, you don’t want to make a cock-up, do you?” :laughing:


:joy: I haven’t listened to it in ages either and that’s the one that came to mind immediately! And the eels of course! Fucking brilliant.


“The Sony corporation are interested in a sort of hover donkey that can move at about 110mph”



You could make more money auctioning dogs!

I hate Sebastian Coe!


This is the nearest thing to an authorized book. Worth it just for the story about one of the Krays’ acolytes who allegedly came round to the Brass Eye production office wielding a baseball bat and physically threatened the producer as Morris hid in the kitchen


Didn’t know this existed. Just bought a 2nd hand copy off amazon for £3.50, cheers!






the steel vulture of beelzebub :rofl:



Dunno why that’s not loading but yeah,one of my faves. Is Chris Morris the only person to do good comedy music?


“his head fell on a dog”

“good, dogs contradict islam!”


It still freaks my nut out to this day that The Guardian published a special supplement written by Chris Morris six months after 9/11: