The Chris Morris Thread - He's the Chungwit the Biff Boff and the Puff Pastry Hangman


Whenever I see any TV program featuring a character lying in a hospital bed I think of the phrase “quadro spazzed on a life glug”


I frequently describe something is as gay as a window which provokes confused looks.

“Want any smack?”
“No thanks, I don’t use a horse”


“The resurgence of Kenneth Branagh since 11 September: pure coincidence?”


“So much for recorded crime. But crimes we know nothing about are going up as well”



Oui - c’est Jacques Oeuf!


Blacking up for FurQ might be the only real misstep of The Day Today, which is pretty impressive for a comedy show that old.

Morris’s response to a whinger on Biteback is still a personal fave



Peter Baynham’s accent in this


Oh dear God, absolutely done here.

Decca Aikenhead: How I got spazzed off my baps on African Spangles to the sounds of DJ Smack Poppy’s bangin’ US Barrage.



There is something wrong with my small?!


are you levelling of those accusations at Herman the Tosser?


The Scottish Division One game between Taste Of Dunfermline and Strathcarnage CANNOT BE STOPPED!


He really is a shit.




You should really have spoilered this tbh tbf


Found this cheap in HMV a couple of years ago, decent read


“JL-b8, the self-styled king of Nu-Ass music” always gets me for some reason


Bloody hell there’s some actual Chris Morris news