The Christmas Show featuring Eamonn Holmes (2003)

This is a genuine thread.

I remember seeing a live Christmas TV thing years ago which definitely featured Eamonn Holmes as the presenter. Looking at his IMDB page, I think it was this.

Why do I give a shit do you ask? Well all I remember is it was one of the most unintentionally hilarious, catastrophic pieces of shit I’ve seen. It was filmed live and Holmes just got more and more angry as it went on. I have a memory of his raging face at the end as a bunch of people badly mime to a cheesy christmas song.

If I remember right, it was supposed to be the first of a series, like some sort of advent calendar type thing in the run up to Christmas (which this seems to back up). Thing is I’ve never been able to find out anything about it since.

If anyone knows any way that this gem could possibly be found, I’d be all ears. There’s a chance I have the wrong show or it won’t be as funny as I remember, but it’d be great to find out either way.

Pretty sure this was the one based on this thread

That thread is morbidly fascinating


I was going to say grimly fascinating but you’ve got it there.


Hi, what I am looking for is Micheal Barrymore doing the dance to Everybody by Backstreet Boys at (I think) an award ceremony in the late 90s or early 00s.

Unintentionally one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen (although I was out of my box).

Please help,


Genuinely a bit worried for ma0sm’s health here. 13 year flashbacks to Eamonn Holmes does not sound good.


Ok, so usually I go by Barrymorefan, I just didn’t want everyone here taking the piss!


I think it may be the start of a Christmas Miracle.

Was it as good as the time he used his co-presenter as a human shield against Fathers for Justice?

That’s the thing, I don’t know. All I remember is that as soon as it finished I checked the TV guide to see if it was going to be repeated at some point so I could tape it. Then I thought I’d watch the next one to see if it could get any worse but there was no next one.

Surely some of you boffins here work in TV and can nip downstairs and pick up a copy for me?

Forgot all about this, but just remembered it again, and look what I found here.

Fingers crossed!

Damnit Eamon!


I have found this

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Didn’t realise that this was an old thread and so I thought balonz was back, my heart genuinely lifted for a moment.

Outstanding work!

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any news??

Oh yeah, forgot about this.

ITV haven’t responded, but I’ll work my way through the production crew listed on IMDB when I get the chance.


Wait, I thought he’d replied to say you were right at one point?