The Christmas Song Canon

This got posted on here over the weekend and I’ve not been able to get it out of my head since. It does seem to get funnier every time I think about it though.

‘proper chrimbo’ wouldn’t work as a pun unless the phrase chrimbo was already established


It’s one of the very worst Christmas songs (along with Merry Christmas War is Over, why were the Beatles so shit at Christmas songs), and yet by far the one that has been in my head the most.

Just realised I haven’t actually heard Fairytale of New York this year at all, aside from the brass version in the Co-op ad.

But Bo is in the programme’s name.

Coldplays one

which is why it is a pun

please don’t make me do this again


this is great


I can imagine some show like the Last Leg doing a song like Christlegmas and then people might start using that word and it would just come from that with no prior meaning.

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I think Bo Selecta actually killed off Chrimbo and did us all a favour

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Merry Christlegmas to you and yours, Japes

I’ve been saying Chrimbo for years and it’s a great word and everyone loves me saying it.

Also I have 2 friends called “Christine” and I call them Chrimbo too and I would imagine they both also love it.

Is this canon?

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  • Canon

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I would guess so, even though the only bit of it I know is “Ohhh Christmas time, be do be do be, hmm hmm hmm hmm, the somethings meet”

These are confusing poll options but no

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Some thoughts from last year on this subject…

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I’m happy to accept that the word predated Bo Selecta, I’m just saying it’s the kind of thing they could have created.

stop this

That’s what Christine 1 says. Jokingly I presume.

Not spoke to Christine 2 for years.

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