The Circle ⭕

Anyone watching this?? JOIN ME!

It was great last year and Richard Madeley is going in this year. I’m SO EXCITED.

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"Do you remember that soup I made last week? Absolutely horrible. Had to throw it in the garden” is one of my favourite quotes of all time, responsible for 2 of the most out of control laughing fits i’ve ever had


fuck you all! it’s great!


I’m going to read that list of his quotes for the 400th time now.


I’m watching it, it’s making me want gnaw my own hand off in protest

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Saw an advert for this during bake off the other week and I could not fathom it out. What is it?

I think my phone is auto correcting things (incorrectly) after I type without even warning me.

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For fuck’s SAKE

The first question to man giving his first TV appearance after being wrongly imprisoned for years: "So, did you do it?”

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The Paul Gascoigne and soup ones in succession absolutely do me

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basically a 8 people live in the same block of flats but they don’t actually meet, they socialise through screens and can choose to either be themselves, edit an aspect of themselves (i.e. several gay contestants have pretended to be straight to see how it affects people’s perceptions of them), or be a totally different person. last year’s was won by someone pretending to be his girlfriend.

they have to be popular and come across as being genuine to people in order to stay in - if they get ranked badly by their fellow players they get ‘blocked’ (eliminated). when they get eliminated they get to choose which player they visit on their way out - which can be a HUGE shock if it’s someone who is catfishing the group

it sounds shit but it’s so compelling!! and RICHARD MADELEY IS IN IT

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Fuck it’s been a minute and there’s been like twenty partridges
That’s the smallest lucozade I’ve ever seen


so far i’ve had 3 people tell me i’d be amazing at this show

ngl i totally would. catfishing is one of my absolute best skills, it’s all about them communication skills

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How did he pretend to be his girlfriend? Did he dress up as her? Surely if they are socialising through screens then you can see what people look like?
I dunno if I’d like this. Sounds like too much potential for terrible people being terrible to each other idk.

I watched the last series. It’s the sort of thing I’d usually hate but I got strangely addicted.

I didn’t realise it had started again, so I’ll have to catch up.

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The thing I never got about catfishing is what’s the point of using someone else’s pixtute for attention and compliments when every time the person you’re catfishing compliments your appearance you know they are just talking about someone else cos that’s not you.

I can, of course, on some levels understand the attention /relationship bit especially for those lonely ppl who’ve been starved for attention and affection. But yeah.

I think I need to watch this.

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Oh sorry no so they don’t actually see each other through the screen - it’s not like a camera or anything. it’s just like, they choose what photos they put up (which can be of other people), what bio they put up, relationship status etc and then they communicate through public chats with the group or private chats with one/several people (building friendships etc). so interesting to see them guess who is or isn’t catfishing as well - there were 2 people i’d have deffo thought were catfishes who were being themselves, but no-one on the show thought they were catfishing.

it’s realyl entertaining when people start flirting - today’s ep had the woman who is pretending to be her son flirting with a young man who is pretending to be a young woman with a baby. it got extremely meta as the mum being her son started referencing how ‘he’ had a single mum in order to bond with ‘her’ as a single mum… almost certainly going to turn into a lot of flirting :’)


oh aye i don’t understand that type of catfishing! but creating a totally new persona for bants and creating a very specific lexicon, style of writing, series of themes/interests etc is AMAZING though and it’s so much fun and you realise how much little things about writing change your perception of someone. for example if i’m imitating a boomer i’ll always put a space before a full stop and change out a bunch of full stops for commas so it reads like a rambling monologue - it’s a real art form when you do it well :princess: :trumpet:

[i should say that i’ve done it mostly in the context of a game where everyone got given a name and had to create a whole persona and act like that persona in the game, with the fake name/photo, and people had to try and guess who was behind each persona]

Seems extremely boring as a concept, turned it off after 15ish minutes exactly like I did last year.

Bloody hell :sweat_smile:

I think I’m far too lazy for that. Can’t be arsed to be anything other than myself!