The Club Is (still) Open: all-encompassing GBV, Pollard et al. thread

“It’s short and sometimes with Guided By Voices songs I feel like ‘You could have fucking written an actual song, give me four minutes of this! Why is this a minute and thirty seconds?’ Especially ‘Game of Pricks’, that’s a great song, it should be four minutes long,” she notes.

Just listen to it three times so!

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haha, damn straight

  • 1:30 songs
  • 4:00 songs
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New album out tomorrow. Hoping, but not expecting, “the king is dead” is an indication of its quality.

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Yeah, really intrigued to see if the quality can match those teaser tracks. Reviews and the Fb group members who’ve received their records are responding positively.

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Yeah but that normally happens


Haha, yeah.

It’s live…


OK, yeah, I’ve stayed up late to see if it’d go live at midnight. It has!

The Race Is On… is the opener. It works. It’s a solid tune!

Puncher’s Parade.

Nice ballad. Again, solid. Guitars are doing this two-note thing all the way through that is very cool. Dig it. Reckon the lyrics and real vibe of the track will show itself after more listens. It’s nearly 4 mins so pretty epic!

Local Master Airplane.

Chugging intro. Could be from anywhere in Bob’s history but the chiming chords of the chorus are fitting with the current line-up. Kind of an OK tune. There is a pick scrape. Dig the twin guitar outro.

How Did He Get Up There?

Curious beast! This is real cool. You don’t know what the hell is coming next. Is that brass? Could be off Earthquake Glue or something. Fucking great! Great vocals. Great everything! Very Beatles-y with a proper homage at the end.

Stabbing at Fractions.

Another kind of immediate chugger. Cool though. Great vocals. Could be off any of the better post-2000 GBV.

Love Set.

Bob into tennis now is he? Cool, long intro into an unexpected Wire-esque thing. And some silliness. It’s a bit early Alice Cooper. It’s pretty silly. Not bad though!

We’re going the wrong way in.

Nice guitar runs in the intro. Quite a grungy guitar sound but Bob’s vocal is fairly poppy. Sounds good. Bit of an album track.

Jack of Legs.

More of a post-punk riff. Unsure if it works. It’s not bad by any means. Goes a bit proggy which almost promises to save it but doesn’t quite sadly. Ending aims for epicness. Doesn’t really hit it to be honest. There are better tunes on Suitcase 4.

For the Home.

This is a fairly solid track. The guitar intro is interesting and Bob’s vocal is great over that two note riff thing again - how it all floats about. Good tune! Sounds better in context :slight_smile:

This would’ve made for a better album title IMO.

Cruel for Rats.

Odd little tune! Unsure what to make of it. Not sure I’m sold on the hook really.

Song and Dance.

This is cool. Slow burner… for the most part. Think I’d like it more if it stuck to the slow chug it establishes. The last minute is just a bit… odd. I want another track or two! Oh well, will have to wait another 3 months.