The colour of my 'charging' light on my bike light

changes depending on the lead I use. This has blown me away.

It normally flashes green when charging, then constant green when fully charged. With the new lead, it flashes blue AND goes constant blue when fully charged.

Have you ever known anything like this?

This is too important for the normal bike thread.

Can’t stop thinking about it.

I disagree.


My phone has a different charging light depending on whether I’m using my ‘Dash’ charger or a normal one

Is it caused by different electricity, perhaps?


Did you buy your new lead from a policeman?

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my colleague has just given me another lead to try.

what next???

i would like this to happen to me

what light is it

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Lezyne macro (800 i think)

i had this light

it didn’t do this


My day just keeps getting better and better

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This is like the bike wanker thread for hardcore bike wankers. Wow.

Please put the bike light in liquid nitrogen and see what the charging colour is.