The Comfort of Strangers


I was just filling up at a large supermarket just under a mile away from where I work. A worried looking man asked me where ‘xxxxxx’ is as he was lost and I said ‘I work there, get in’. He seemed nervous at first but got in and he can now enjoy his afternoon temping here!

What a happy and fortuitous tale!


Guy’s a complete chump for getting in the car with you.


Not because you’re a stranger. You, personally.


He was called Abdul not Guy.


You are a good and kind man.


This is what I want from this thread, maybe about 80 times.


This is a sub-Epimer level joke.


I work on a big, sprawling hospital site and am always getting stopped by people looking for directions and panicking that they’re going to miss their appointments. I’ve got in peoples cars quite a few time’s cause sometimes it’s easier than trying to make them remember lots of directions.


I knew you would be impressed.


Reckon we can probably help it along with this:


  • Good
  • Kind
  • Both good AND kind

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Yeah, fuck explaining to this guy who was nearly a mile the wrong side of the train station that he had arrived from. He was using google maps too so it was a lost cause.


I think I’d only get in the car with a stranger if it was to escape a tsunami or lava flow or something. And even then I’d have to really think about it.


I get a weird kick out of helping people to the point where I stop and ask people who look lost if they need help. I should probably just mind my own business.


Abdul: thanks, but my car is actually…
Balonz: get in, come on!
Abdul: I have a ca…
Balonz: get in!
Abdul: oh god I’m so scared


The last car who stopped me was a middle class mum trying to drop he daughter off at the sexual health clinic. Think I was pretty safe.


Oh it’s not a safety concern, I just don’t want to risk the small talk.


I do this. It will be the end of me.


I asked Abdul how soon from this very moment, if he really had to, could he lay his hands on a sieve.


people used to hitchhike

how far we’ve come


My guess is that it would have taken him about three days.