The gift idea exchange thread

I swear a thread like this existed already but I can’t for the life of me find it. Get this closed down if someone else can find the pre-existing thread innit.

Anyway, I’ve managed to draw my gf in our secret santa and I have no idea. I am also struggling for ideas in general for her this year having exhausted my ideas over the last 6 years or so.

Use this thread to share lovely ideas you’ve had for people or lovely things you’ve seen that you don’t have a recipient for etc

give her a thread like this :slight_smile:

My sister’s giving the gift of a newborn Christmas child. I’ll get her a book or something.

What do you buy a baby who wants for nothing?

Game Boy

Thread title is confusing

brioche rolls

How come?

I’ve got one I can pass on from when I came up and also I have my sisters game boy in my room. That’s a nice idea.

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Gift idea exchange. Didn’t see the ‘idea’ bit so thought we were swapping stuff we didn’t want? Very confusing. Really discombobulating

I think the fault lays with you here

  1. Mushroom Log

cash n card.

I fairly routinely get her beauty products from a place and then accompany her to exchange it for a slightly different but ostensibly the same product. Will probably end up doing similar this year.

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For the FAO of many here + their TVs

I saw some thing the other day where they’ll take a photo you give them and turn it into a perspex necklace but now I can’t find it again, anyone know what I’m on about?