The memory game!

How this will work will be that users will do a post that is up to eight different, unconnected words or images

After 30 seconds of the post being visible they will then remove the eight words or images and replace them with a post saying “NOW REMEMBER THE THINGS I JUST POSTED” we will then attempt to recall what the eight things were and score points accordingly.

Please note: Users must NOT abuse the “post history” function of the website for the sake of cheating, the game must be played in the correct spirit.

Please have fun.

Round one starts at 1400hrs btw

Apologies but I will be attending an assembly at my son’s school (yes, legit excuse!).

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Should keep the quizzer twats out of the rest of the forum for the afternoon. Nice one mate.

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I predict some of the ‘jokers’ here will attempt to derail this, but I wish you the very best in your endeavours.

Maosm is my delegated authority.

sorry tone but even compared to work this sounds boring


I believe some of the people pouring buckets of scorn on this idea are concerned that their memory may not be upto the rigorous challenges that The memory game will present.

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I’d just post willies tbh

I wish him all the best

When we perserve we have to keep trying even if we get stuck and find things tricky.

Is his second line because Max T was pissing about so he got given it. Double the work because Max T was being a dick. Outrageous.

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Remember you have to edit the images away after 30 seconds!

Fuck Max T, man

Made them a spoiler in case I forget myself tbh

Willie Nelson! Will.I.Am! Wile E Coyote! William Shakespeare! Willy Wonka!

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My answers: Dice, Dolly Parton, Squirrel, Eiffel.

How many was it?

You have four out of eight!

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Dang nabbit, I missed the first round as I was lost in the Switch thread.