The confession tapas


Not really sure where I’m going with this, if I’m honest.


you’ve just reminded me i was going to see if my pal wanted to get tapas at the weekend so thread hasn’t been a total waste of time


was just about to post this in the real thread

thank god I didn’t, I couldn’t handle the embarrassment


Fucking hell pal, don’t sugar coat it, say what you really mean.


a confession: not sure i’ve ever had legit tapas


is jordan contagious now?


I admire your brava-ry



this thread has not served as a useful reminder for me (other than I’m hungry) and so is a complete waste of time.




how are you defining legit tapas?



i’ve had cuban tapas, indian tapas, mexican tapas

tell him @profk


hey, I’ve had legit tapas in every sense of both of those words.

I would not count indian tapas as tapas. not sure where cuban and mexican tapas stands. we probably need an official ruling from someone who knows what they are talking about


once got barred from a tapas restaurant for patting a waitress on the bum


tell him @profk !!




m8 you’re the one that needs to be told. (told to have to have some tapas)

I’ve had tapas in spain. free stuff in a bar. in a restaurant. the works, m8.


Off out for legit tapas tonight :nail_care: :plate_with_cutlery: :grin:


off to spain are you? have fun mate. enjoy all that free food (in spain)!!!


Marinated Survivor?


The Leftovers?