The confession tapes

anyone else watched this yet?

new netflix thing about dodgy convictions based on people confessing to murders they didn’t commit

watched the first episode last night and was pretty raging until the end of the episode when it tells you that the two guys have pretty much exhausted all their appeals then i just felt depressed

sub-thread - have you ever confessed to something you didn’t actually do?

nice, will probably watch it even though only misery can come from it. amazing how the prevailing attitude of ‘people don’t confess to crimes they didn’t commit’ is in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

mentioned it the other day but making a murderer is getting a second season, brendan dassey’s conviction has been overturned. looking forward to that.

I’ve watched the first episode so far and felt the same as you! :confused:

Won’t stop me watching the rest of it though eventually.

Hm… yeah, I think I have. In a very minor minor way though because I know someone would go easier on me than someone else etc.

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Been watching it. Interesting but you need to constantly remind yourself you’re watching:
A) a piece of entertainment
B) one side of an argument
And take it with a hearty portion of salt accordingly

Thought this would be about a new My Vitriol release.


Or add an O to “the” and make a sexy robot romp!

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If that’s how you imagine Theo Confession Tapes, that works for me.

Remember this?


Can you MS Paint Johnny 5 into that picture? He is the international symbol for Theo after all!

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I can’t right now but I will by close of play :slight_smile:


has his conviction actually been overturned? i thought he was still in the process of appealing it

yeah i believe so, the decision was upheld. he’s not been released yet afaik though

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With the two lads in the first double episode i still suspected they might have done it by the end. They shouldn’t have been convicted based on the admissions obtained under the fucking ridiculous entrapment, but Burns particularly was extremely odd. Prison might well have done that to him, but i found him quite a suspicious character.

The main question i had at the end was where did the investigations into the names the informant give lead to, and have these been reinvestigated more recently?

Oh my God. Incredible work.

surely as those two were convicted there’d be no reason for the other leads to be followed up?

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I meant as part of the appeals process.

i watched the first two. it’s made in kind of a shitty sensationalist way which is unfortunately to be expected of this kind of thing but thought the case itself was pretty interesting although a pretty standard railroading in the US justice system.

that was for the police to do in the first place which they clearly didn’t. those leads weren’t followed up in the first place so there would have been very little for anyone to go on even if there was a private investigation of some kind.

being extremely odd isn’t a crime.