The Coral

…are supporting Gerry Cinnamon on his arena tour later in the year. Has an artist you love ever supported an artist you loathe?

Don’t be daft, nobody loves The Coral

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Love might be a bit strong, but i like them.

The Manics have done a lot of things to test my loyalty over the years

But I draw the line at going to see them support Bon Jovi



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Up in my lonely room, I once dozed off and saw The Coral play a stadium gig and did wonder how they got so big to be honest.

As they launched into a rendition of Where The Streets Have No Name I realised I was dreaming of U2.

Their first three albums are great


Imagine you’d been a band for over 20 years, worked hard, toured relentlessly, released 9 albums, had a smash hit single that still gets repeat plays some 15 years later, nominated for a Mercury

and then you’re tour support for a 40 year old busker famous for covering 90’s happy hardcore songs on an acoustic guitar who has a song called “She Is A Belter”


Interpol- Morrissey :broken_heart: