The correct term for "mentally disabled"

May have misread, but I think Keith was more emphasising the importance of the use of the word person rather than the specific form? I.e. disabled people or people with disabilities rather than “the disabled”. Well worth calling out though because it’s something that I for one think I’ve missed over time.

@Flashinglight too.

Fair play - I’m always a bit nervous of where the line between people owning their identity and being labelled by others sits. And doubly so when it’s groups of people who may not agree on how they’d like to be identified.

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Good point. I’ve made sure this is clear in the original version now as well.

Aye. I’m not disputing that :+1:

inválidos in Spanish.

Yeah, it is a really difficult one because there is no consensus so basically impossible in impersonal communication.

Like I really, really strongly prefer condition first language for myself, but I won’t get offended reading person first language written because I know it is what some people feel more comfortable with. Obviously when speaking with someone I’d prefer they asked me before choosing which form they used as there is the opportunity for that courtesy, but otherwise just good for people to be aware that different forms are preferred by different people :slight_smile:


Nailed it. Really helpful stuff for those of us working in health. Thanks

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