The Create an Album Game



it’s friday! i’m bored! let’s play this game again…

  1. Go to Wikipedia and click Random Article - that’s your band name

  2. Go to Wikiquote, click Random Page choose your album title

  3. Go to Flickr’s Last 7 Days pick your artwork

  4. Photoshop together then post

Worst Artwork 2017



I can’t participate at work, but it would have been Dabney State Recreation Area by Gene Wilder, which sounds incredible.


Done in paint



I cannot edit images Japes, but it’s “Security is mostly a superstition… Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” by “List of Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes”, with this album cover:

Very vaporwave.


:smiley: the parental advisory totally makes it


They sound like Zac De La Rocha fronting Tracey Is Hot And The Clap


No photoshop, so feel free to do it if you’re bored

Band Name: Ambassador of Ukraine to Cuba
Album Name: Self Religion





The quote page I got for my album title was a goldmine:
Could have used

  • Careful what you look for. You just might find it.
  • Small Man, your end approaches but it is not yet. Take great care how you play.
  • Where do you think you’re going boy? Death is no escape from me.
  • I just had to be sure, before I killed my own brother.
  • I didn’t abandon you Mike. I was taken.
  • I’ll go away… and I won’t ever come back [gives mischievous grin]
  • [Car explodes in a huge fireball]
    or ‘You Can’t Go Forward Until You’ve Gone Back’, which is pretty much exactly a Stereophonics title.


I’m not even on photoshop




the random wikiquote page is Bashar al-Assad :/


Guys use Canva if you don’t have photoshop, it’s a fucking great online tool.


i’ve never tried that