The creator of Gill Sans



Read this book for my A-Level Graphic Design. Weirdly, it’s the official font for the Church of England.


They’ve got a hand-carved stone of his prototypes for Gill Sans up in the lobby at the Art College in Brighton. It always made me feel weird passing it. People have lobbied recently to take it down and replace it with something not made by a creepy rapist.


Thy Gill be done on earth blah blah crap joke




One of the characters in this book is based on him:


Ha, yeah remember finding this out recently. Nuts.


Prefer his zany brother, Comic


You don’t even want to know what dark secrets are lurking in his closet. There’s a reason people loathe his font you know.


If I were in charge all government department correspondence would have to be in comic sans
Gives some perspective


And all things aimed at young children in gothic black letter or black metal band logo text to familiarise them with the heaviness of life?


What was the breed of dog?


Official font of the Church of England? Thought that was where they did the Christenings.


Times New Paul’s Letter To The Romans
Angels’ Wing(ding)s

… Time for bed I think