The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


I used to listen to it portable walkman too Lo-Pan :smile:


that’s the kinda sentence i’d write :wink:


Be Safe is on at work now


Fuuuuuckkk I re-read it as well :sweat_smile:


MNWNW > New Fellas > FAAMS > S/T > ITBOTBB > ITI


*FAMS obvs


MNWNW > Brazen Bull > Self-titled > FAMS > New Fellas > ITI

Only one I don’t really rate is Ignore the Ignorant though


Yeah too much Marr-wankery innit. Would have been amazing as an EP like they originally planned but there’s a right old bit of filler there


This is pretty much my ranking too though switch around New Fellas with the debut.

And yeah bar the singles (which even then are some of the weaker ones they’ve released), I really didn’t get into ITI and as @andyvine said, the Marr factor didn’t help. They’re certainly more special when working as a three piece…


Well i’m off to Leeds :slight_smile:


See you there! Gonna have to leave this conference in Cardiff at like 2.30 to get the train back to Leeds, but oh well.


i’ll be the one in skinny jeans and all stars…


Tickets booked for London. This is probably my most anticipated gig now, and luckily I’m going with a group who are all really up for it. Can’t wait to scream along to Girls Like Mystery




Manchester: booked



I’m going along to all the dates except for Bristol - miraculously only requiring two days off work to do the six gigs! I fucking love them Jarmen.



This feels like as good a time as any to say I have never enjoyed Majors Tilting Victory and never will. Perfect time to go for a pint or piss.


I can’t stand I’m A Realist. Seeing as they always play it and people seem to love it it’s usually a good time to go to the bar


you’re histories greatest monster :wink: