The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


…I also like Major’s Titling Victory


Why are these shitehouse bands now nostalgia acts, consign them to history’s chasm already


Where did y’all buy your tickets? Is there a presale??


They did this at Leeds festival too, it was great.

For as much as I liked this album at the time, I’ve got little interest in it now. Still like the song Be Safe mind, but tastes have changed. If it doesn’t sell out I might pop along to the Newcastle gig.


Got one for Glasgow!!!


Got tickets for it like (22nd Cribs gig by my count, should get a life), but I’m not expecting it to be much good. These 10th anniversary indie classic album in full shows reek of tragedy and it’s a bit upsetting to see The Cribs get pulled in. Men’s Needs is just one of a string of great albums they have, and they play pretty much all of the good songs off it at all their gigs anyway. The album does have some proper naff tracks on it as well, I reckon only In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull would actually suit an album in full show.

My plan is to get drunk with my mates from school across some of Leeds’ many delightful public houses. The album in full thing seems to have captured their imaginations because it came out when we were doing our GCSEs, first time we’ll all be on a night out together since we got too old for Leeds festival (the one At The Drive-In and The Cure played at). So I suppose it’s a net positive, and Be Safe will be mega.


It was ace when they played the last four songs off Brazen Bull at the Christmas gig a few years back, I’d like to see that again


Can’t decide on this. Used to really like 'em…


It’s gonna be great :slight_smile: :+1:


Also going to Leeds now.


Always good for a bounce
Personal favourite


This was the opener for the last tour - really worked!

Aside from MTV and My Life Flashed Before My Eyes, every song on MNWNW has had a liberal airing in recent years since the album’s release…


I look forward to the possibility of hearing some of the rather excellent B-Sides from that era, such as this one:


Made me pine for the Brudenell


Theyre doing a Cribs exhibition in Wakey. Might go


Cribs gig in Glasgow has been upsized to the Academy.
Not sure I’m happy about this, but it’s still going to be amazing.


Academy for me is much better than the abc, but it’s a pity it’s no the barras


I hate both the Academy and the Barras (don’t get why everyone loves the Barras). ABC is OK.


The most wrong thing ever posted on the internet^ :wink: