The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


“Two VERY SPECIAL GUEST” bands confirmed as support for Leeds. The TV thinks one is Franz Ferdinand given Alex Kapranos’ involvement in the album and because they supported them at the first Cribsmas. Hope the other one isn’t the Kaiser Chiefs if that’s the case


Would be pretty happy if it was FF


FF need to hurry up with a new album!!


Yeah me too, still keeping up hope for a Lee Ranaldo appearance too


Here’s the support bands for all other shows apart from Leeds…

11 GLASGOW O2 Academy (w/ Slotface + God Damn)
12 MANCHESTER Academy (w/ Slotface + God Damn)
13 BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute (w/ Slotface + God Damn)
14 NEWCASTLE O2 Academy (w/ Slotface + Demob Happy)
16 BRISTOL O2 Academy (w/ Slotface + Demob Happy)
18 LONDON Kentish Town Forum (w/ Yak + Demob Happy)
19 LONDON Kentish Town Forum (w/ Yak + Demob Happy)
20 LEEDS First Direct Arena


You’re off the hook - Kaisers are headlining their own gig at Staffordshire on that date.


Disappointed in this - doesn’t speak to me, personally. But without a doubt The Cribs in a hometown arena shall be awesome.


Slaves are tosh. I’d like to think that had they been around in 2007, they’d have been the exact kind of band Ryan Jarman would be slagging off in the NME.


Yeah, will probably just stay in a pub til The Cribs




Really thought they’d got someone bigger than this the way they were going on :confused:


Me too. But hey ho fuck it, I’m there for the cribs :grinning::+1:


Got a spare ticket for Manchester this Friday. Face value £20.


pabh are really good fun, but yeah slaves are fully shite. anyway im not going to this, im going to manchester on friday


What a show!!! I’m generally not too keen on these anniversary album tours but MNWNW is a bona fide classic. Not a duff track on it.

Absolutely fantastic!!!

Be safe, be safe, be safe, be safe…


I’m so excited for tonight, I’ve got the day off work tomorrow so I can get drunk and sweaty and emotional. It’s going to be great.


Anyone got any idea of stage times? I can’t seem to see if there is a support so not sure what time to get there!


Also haven’t found them. There’s definitely support so I’d say bang on 9 most likely.

Queue in to the Forum usually takes a little while as they do quite a big search. Worth getting there a little ahead of time.


Yeah was planning about 8:45ish. Cheers! :slight_smile:


wakefield! wakefield!