The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


been listening to this record all day :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


for manchester last wk there were two supports. missed the first but the second were slotface at 8:20 who are not very good and i think sound like no doubt. cribs were on at 9:30.

mnwnw was over in a heartbeat, then they did a couple of singles from around the time, a few bsides and maybe 5 other songs? it was all over too soon, it was very very good


Our Bovine Public is a belter of an opener.


Really wish I had gotten a ticket now…


I got tickets for all dates except Bristol and each night so far I come away with a new stand out favourite song. I’ve lived with this album for over 10 years (and 2007 was such an important year for me - soundtracked in part by MNWNW) and hearing it live I’m almost surprised just how amazing each song is - it’s such a strong album. I now can’t wait to hear My Life Flashed Before My Eyes next.

Also, those B-sides are fantastic. I would have been so happy if they’d done away with the ‘best of’ remainder of the set and done something like this again:

I was at that gig btw :grin:


I think you may be the biggest cribs fan I’ve come across and I know a few folk who are fucking nuts for them :grinning::+1::grinning:


Well that was really fucking good.


i’m off to leeds tomorrow, cannot wait.

what was you highlight meow?


I really liked Be Safe as everyone went pretty wild.
But I liked a certain older song they played at the end which i won’t spoil for you but it took me back to my youth :slight_smile:


sounds grand :slight_smile:


Be Safe is pretty much the best singalong chorus in all of music!
Everyone arms in the air, belting it out.


See you there :musical_note:


Wonderful gig. Everyone in the crowd was so happy. Be Safe was such a great hands in the air singalong moment. Good selection of tunes after the album too.

Went in the pit a couple of times. The t shirt i was wearing fucking stinks now.


Goal of getting drunk, sweaty and emotional = ACHIEVED


On the way out people were singing so many different tunes, it was lovely


think i’ll ceratinly head into the pit for a couple of numbers :slight_smile:


Love this. Well done you.


what time have they been taking to stage each gig?

and also what’s the leeds arena like?


I’m guessing it’s like a big arena, in Leeds.

They hit the stage at 9:15pm in Glasgow.


Alright then…