The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


Lucky bastards. That will be brilliant.


It’s pretty good for an arena, not actually that big (as arenas go), pretty easy to find somewhere to see.




Its proper nuts a band from Wakefield has got so big and so many devout followers. Remember them always playing Hey Scenesters when I first started going out constantly and they were like our thing but now…proper good to see


Not gonna lie to you, I’m really fucking excited about seeing them tonight :grinning:


Well jel


Fucking lee Renaldo…yaaaaaaasssssssssss


So so jealous :grinning:


As the Yorkshire folk would say, that were a reet good do. Reminded me why I’d made the effort to see this band about 20 times, because 2 out of the 3 For All My Sisters shows I saw in 2015 were a bit shit. I only went last night because a big group was going, but I’m back on the Jarman train now so I’m definitely getting a ticket next time they play near me.


Thought it was really good but as I mentioned in the daily thread I think it would have been better in a smaller venue as it felt kind of big and empty from where I was standing (admittedly nearish the back). Cribsmas in the O2 Academy felt a bit more special for me, but I think my experience was a bit soured by the arena bars being stupidly slow and there being no cloakroom so I had to hold my coat and bag = no pit for me.

Be Safe was so brilliant.


Yeah that’s the biggest venue I’ve seen them in and it did lose a wee bit because of that and fuck me were those bars slow.
But still loadsa fun, be safe was so great :grinning:


Wait, there wasn’t a cloakroom?! That’s fucking ridiculous


Caught me out first time I was there as well, v stupid. It was November in Leeds, of course I was wearing a coat. Although I don’t think there is one at Manchester arena either, I took a backpack with me to The Cure a few months ago and asked them where the cloakroom was and they said there wasn’t one, but for backpacks/other banned items they’ll essentially confiscate them if you try to go on the floor standing bit with one, then give it you back after. I assume tough luck if you have just a coat.


What a fucking joke


Guessing if they were playing singles from that era - this was being aired:



They did, it was a banger.

We got Kind Words from the Broken Hearted too, nice little setlist that.


This was absolutely fantastic last night, I kinda forgot how good that album was. Great that they are able to play in bigger venues than when it first came out.

Pretty jealous of one of the London sets featuring Wrong Way To Be, but I guess we did had Lee Ranaldo!


Oooft! I feel like the urge to throw your coat & bag in the air in a bid to get to the pit, must have been quite high?


Kind words from the broken hearted was great, first time I’ve heard it live :+1:


Haha yeah, I did consider just leaving my stuff in the corner but my husband reckoned it would be confiscated as a security issue :disappointed: