The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR



(I can understand this but still…)


New single produced by Steve Albini:


Liking this, especially the bridge part after the second chorus.


A lotta love for this! Have they announced that a new album is on it’s way then?


They haven’t announced a new album yet but it can’t be long.

New song on Spotify today (the one they released on vinyl in that treasure hunt):


Not blown away by either new song, think that’s probably because I really got in to the Cribs meets Weezer sound of For All My Sisters. Still have hope I’ll enjoy the album as a whole.


Yeah same. I much prefer it when Ryan and Gary stick to their actual vocal ranges too.


Actually wondering whether or not these are one-offs…they mentioned years back that they recorded a few tracks with Steve Albini but were waiting for the right time to release them. Think they also said they ideally wanted to flesh it out to an album though. Time will tell…


I kinda half recall in the run up to For All My Sisters that they mentioned that they were hoping to release two albums that year. FAMS which would fully embrace their poppier tendencies then another record which would be the polar opposite with a much heavier sound…


Yeah I remember that, I was hoping it would sound a bit more like Brazen Bull though (more Chi-Towns and Glitters Like Golds etc.). Not fully convinced by the two new tracks but I’ll give it time.


Still need to give Year of Hate a listen. What wasn’t selling it for you?


Dunno really, thinks it’s the vocals on the chorus.


I kept meaning to ask about this. I remember there being whispers of the Albini produced album being on it’s was really soon after the last album, even as soon as later the same year. i guess it’s finally coming out now?


the end to this is brilliant -


New album is out in two weeks:


TThey’re playing Belgrave in Leeds, as well as supporting the Manics in Newcastle


Belgrave will be nuts!


Sold out already :frowning:


This is very good


I’ve been wanting a full Albini-produced record since Chi Town came out, this is going to be good.