The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever TOUR


bit late to the party here but i’ve been rinsing Men’s Needs, New Fellas and For all my Sisters the last week or so

great band


Can’t believe the new record is out on Friday!! So hyped!


Happy new Cribs day everyone. I will be sure to deliver the definitive opinion on the album by the end of the day.


started it, but not in the mood atm for that sound, too hungover. will listen later.

been hammering them lately, and love the Weezer pop stuff from FAMS


Yeah Weezer are my favourite band so For All My Sisters is heaven for me


Total first impression: pretty typical Cribs album - just a fun listen overall with a lot of strong tracks. No really towering stand-out track for me yet, but Give Good Time, In Your Palace, Dendrophobia, and Rainbow Ridge are probably the ones that made the biggest impression.

I think I rate it slightly below For All My Sisters, Brazen Bull, and Men’s Needs just because it’s a bit safer, but you can hear a bit of a '90’s hardcore/punk influence in places, which I like. Partisan in particular reminds me a bit of No Pocky era Superchunk.


dreamt last night I walked past Ryan Jarman on the stairs in Zone in Wakefield


It’s a decent album full of good songs, but on first impressions it just feels middle gear all the way through


i agree with this. It sums up a lot of the good albums this year. Well made, good songs, nothing special (an album that is 8/10 or above but still what they do best) and it will not be in any end of year lists.

(See Father John Misty, Everything Everything, Ulrika Spacek, Mac DeMarco, Gorillaz & Soulwax for similar doing the job well but not being memorable albums.)


When you know it started life as an E.P. you can’t help but wonder if it should have stayed an E.P.


I didn’t know this, but yeah now I’m thinking the same thing.



Nice idea this, will be ace to see them at the Brudenell


I have only heard great things about that venue


it is the greatest

gorilla is pretty brilliant as well


havent heard it yet but this is not great news. ignore the ignorant started out as an EP as well didnt it…


It’s the best. Thought I’ll be in holiday for the leeds ones. So it’s king tuts for me.


Listened through three times now. Don’t think I’ll be giving it a lot more time, it’s just a little uninspired and the trademark Cribs hooks just aren’t there. That said I really really love Rainbow Ridge.


it’s £4 for a hooch at gorilla!!


aye the drinks arent great but its a pretty nice venue for its size