The Cribs

New album is really, really good!

Screaming In Suburbia and Weather Speaks Your Name the highlights after the first listen.

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yeah really enjoying this so far :+1:

Can see why it’s being considered as their best in a decade, on a few listens. Hopefully it will be. So gutted to have missed the testcard LP.

Anyone else watching the livestream? V much enjoying it, still fancy Gary

Fantastic album, for me it’s their best since MNWNW. It’s perfectly concise, have listened twice there’s no “filler” on there.

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Going to start it once my GF goes to bed, mad looking forward to it.


Where is this? #lazyquestion

Here! Ten quid in!

Aha! Cheers.

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‘Their familiar chart hits’

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Love those Jarfellows

Not getting the hype over here :anguished: to me just sounds like The Cribs doing The Cribs but now they’re older.

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Absolutely nothing wrong with that

Was noticeable when they played a classic as the second track of the stream that as good as I’m hoping the songs on the new one will prove to be, they are still likely to lack the fun misery of them at their best at.

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Enjoyed that. Never going to be the same as a sweaty, pissed up gig but it was a good run through the catalogue, even if they missed off some songs I’d have liked to hear. Good times on a Saturday night.


Love Ryan’s nonchalant use of accidentals.

There really is always one, isn’t there

Anyone received their Test Card Vinyl yet had this and Autechre on order and neither have been dispatched yet. Wonder if there are pressing plant problems going on.

Massively gutted to have missed that version. There are a couple of photos on discogs, so I’m guessing they’ve started sending them out.

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Are they owner taken photos or from the website?