The Cribs

They look like actual photos of the records, although there are two wildly different colour quality photos, each of side A, so I’m not 100% sure.

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Just been on looks like someone has removed the images for the test card. That orange and red split doesn’t look great though from the picture.

Realised what the opener on the new album reminds me of


Hahahaha, I thought this too and may have to skip onto track two every time. It’s unavoidable!

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Did you get a dispatch e-mail?

I dont think so

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It’s arrived. Was expecting it to be more clear than it is. Don’t quite know why they did the preview as it would be extremely difficult to do it the way it was previewed. Still it is very nice.

I much prefer it to the preview

Listened to this a couple of times and didn’t think it was that good, but some of the tunes have been rattling around in my head ever since so I think I’m wrong

The Cribs are masters at that. Songs which appear unremarkable at first listen then a week later they won’t leave your brain


New cover of a Comet Gain song. Lowkey and utterly lovely, like a fuzzy, hazy Suede or something.

Made me go back to Night Network as well, which I have now realised is near-flawless and my favourite Cribs album. So, yeah…

THE fecking CRIBS wooo!


Just searched on bandcamp its off a bigger compilations of Kill Rock Stars covers

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Nice, gonna be all over that.