The Cry (BBC series)

Anyone see this last night? Was quite intrigued by it.

Good idea @stickboy ::slight_smile: :+1:

I liked the interspersing of the timelines - looked good. I’m obviously intrigued about where it will all be leading given some of the ‘later’ scenes

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anyone still watching this

I’m thinking it’s pretty good (episode 1 was a bit annoying but 2 and 3 have been much better)


Yes, I’m enjoying it, but I’m waiting to be told by people who know better that it’s actually really bad.
Until then I’ll continue to enjoy it.

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Been enjoying it for the most part, especially trying to guess what was really going on in the first couple of episodes (courtroom scenes, etc). Reminds me a bit of Gone Girl in a way.

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yeah, v similar sort of thing.

As if anyone would do that on DiS…


This is an absolutely pathetic series for top grade idiots.

Not seen it.

Saw start of first episode. Had to turn it off as the crying was too much for me, I know that was the point but I just can’t be listening to a baby cry it makes me very very tense and anxious.