The Cult

What’s the general consensus on here about The Cult? Can’t make my mind up about them. Some decent songs but a lot of forgettable stuff too.

She Sells Sanctuary is a banger.




Underappreciated Cult classic:

They’ve got some great songs, but I don’t think they ever made a consistently brilliant album. Love is probably closest. The big weakness for me is the lyrics, which are usually just a load of pseudomystical guff that I find very hard to listen to with a straight face (see also The Mission going on about the “gardens of Avalon” etc)

Big fan of Sonic Temple, hugely influential album on me, bought it the week it came out.
For some reason I’ve never listened to any of their other albums.

I was a pretty big fan as a teenager in the 80s, went to see them on the Electric tour at the NEC in 1987. Lost interest after Sonic Temple.

Love is easily their best album imo.

There’s a good 4 page piece about The Cult in Q magazine this month.

I’ve got the 12" picture disc of the Sweet Soul Sister single. It looks brilliant.

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Bloody brilliant.

Incredibly cheesy but fun - I quite enjoy albums like electric where bands just decide to be AC/DC. That being said I’ve not listened to it for like 30 years so who knows .

I’ve never heard anything since Sonic Temple - it’s good when he shouts out “rock words” like “shotgun!”

I saw them on the Electric tour at the Odeon in Birmingham. Proper rock show. Loved it.