The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE



Enjoy paying £6 for warm beer to listen to other peoples inane conversations until Friday I’m in love comes on in Hyde park


Sadlads 2018


You don’t win friends with sadlads.


pretty good line up, headliners apart.


:fire::fire::fire:only 4 posts in! Good work DiS


Is this really going to be awful? I think I’m defintiely going to get tickets regardless. Can’t turn down a lineup like that tbf tbh m9s


That’s the best line up I’ve seen in years, but I really do hate Hyde park…


Misread Slowdive as Sade and now disappointed.


please please please two pound fifty ticket day 2018 :crossed_fingers:


It certainly is very diverse


The Cure still have a massive obsessive following don’t they? Sees unlikely.


Would pay £2.50 for that. Wouldn’t stay for the Cure though


best band there


Not really sure why, but I can’t really stand them. Gave them a try at Primavera one year and it was incredibly dull


I’ll probably end up going to this, it’ll be a fun day out I reckon, I just won’t expect to have the ideal gig experience so I can only be pleasently surprised.


Yep. Shame.


Pre sale on the Cure site


I’d be amazed if they don’t sell it out. It’s a 40th Anniversary show and like you say, they have a huge following and it’s billed as their only European show of 2018.


Actually interested in everyone on the bill so far (bar the Editors).