The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


The Twilight Sad were phenomenal. F’Rabbits cover at the end had some dudes bawling. Other high points were Slowdive and Kathryn Joseph. The Cure played a great setlist, missed the last two songs to catch my train. Somehow got through nine hours in the sun without getting a single bit of sunburn.


Back to work today and reminiscing about a great weekend.

Only downsides were the blazing heat and the fact that the Golden Circle ended fucking miles away from the stage so pretty much had to rely on screens. Plus a few chatty bastards but generally better than most gigs I’ve seen of that size.

Slowdive were just great. Having a shorter set meant they trimmed a lot of the fat (not that they have much).

This Will Destroy You… seen them better. Used to seeing them in a tiny room where it’s so loud your trousers shake.

Twilight Sad , fucking hell. Tears streaming down my face and I am not much of a crier. New stuff sounded great. What can you say about the Frabbit cover that hasn’t been said already. Special stuff.

Goldfrapp - sounded good but was watching on a screen from halfway down the field while eating ice cream.

Interpol - just doing what they do, which is great. How they managed to wear full suits in that heat I’ve no idea. The New was very XL.

The Cure - probably enjoyed the Manchester gig more just because I could see more and was my first time and pretty blown away but still, what a show we were treated to. Heard absolutely everything I wanted to hear. Plainsong didn’t sound good but after that I thought the sound was crystal clear. Was kinda nice to see a girl a few ppl in front absolute balling her eyes out to Pictures of You. Shout out to the absolute roaster of a boy who shouted “get on with it” at the start of If Only Tonight We Could Sleep. Prick. Edge of the Deep Green Sea was my highlight, I think.

Good selection of Scran. Beer queues not too long and considering I was in London, I didn’t feel £6 a pint was toooooo bad (would obviously love cheaper).


I wasn’t expecting so many stalls and that. Certainly wasn’t expecting a Pizza Express to be hanging around


Yeah, was pretty chuffed with the choice. Ended up getting a pizza from the one next to the Moretti stand on the other side. Served quickly, paid a tenner and made to order in a wood burning oven. Come a long way since my first T in the Park where choices were chips, burgers, or donuts.


Definetely the best-run big london one-dayer ive been to. Usually get pretty fed up of field day etc by 6pm cos of the queues and prices, but they did a great job, would definitely go back if there is a similarly good day in future!


Official DiS review (of The Cure at least) is up:

Thought it was a great day overall. Managed to not get burnt to a crisp, smuggled two bottles of wine in and had a vegan scotch egg for dinner :+1:

Arrived just for the end of Slowdive - thanks for making us leave an hour late thinly veiled. Heard plenty of them while getting into the festival however, and seemed like a nice set selection.

Had great fun at Editors. I’d not seen them since their first album, but they have got a solid setlist of hits now eh. For a somewhat doomy babd, thought they were great fun and Tom seemed to be enjoying himself.

First time seeing The Twilight Sad (the aforementioned TV made us miss their support slot the last time we saw The Cure :rage:). Lovely stuff - especially them pretending to be dour in the sun when clearly loving it. Lovely Frightened Rabbit cover too.

Love Goldfrapp every time I see them - just so much energy (and Alison Goldfrapp natch). Nice streamlined set, and a final three of Ride A White Horse, Oo La La and Strict Machine will always hit the spot.

Have found Ride a bit boring since they reformed - think their stock was higher when they were defunct and nobody remembered their final two albums. That said, Leave Them All Behind, Vapour Trail and Drive Blind are all still tunes.

Seen The Cure a lot of times in the past 8 years or so, and can’t see myself getting bored of them in a hurry. That back catalogue is pretty much without compare aside from the proper old school (maybe the Dylans/Youngs of the world) crew these days, and they always mix it up. That said, as ^that DiS review notes it would still be nice to see some new stuff. One of the most heartening things is that Robert Smith still seems to be genuinely enjoying himself onstage. A lovely finale to a lovely day (even if I couldn’t get online for the England game and had to rely on a small group of trusted individuals to send me text updates).

As mentioned ^upthread, well organised too - barely queued for anything all day. Viva corporate sponsored rock and/or roll…


What time did you guys get there to get in the golden circle?


They were still letting people in at the end of Slowdive


Yeah I think I got in as Slowdive started and got the wristband on t way out


They were letting people in during The Cure too…