The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


I just like that they have both Interpol AND Editors. If this was ten years ago you wouldn’t be able to move for cries of “they’ve booked the same act twice!”.


Went and bloody got a ticket didn’t I?

Sadboys weekend in London. Yes!


Honestly, I thought only the uber sized acts sold these gigs out. Phil Collins, the Stones, Bieber, that sort. That’s why they’re always giving away tickets


Website isn’t working for me :frowning:


Libertines was one of the only ones that wasn’t on £2.50 ticket day because it was sold out iirc


Ah right. I know they’re popupar, but if they sold it out, the Cure surely will


Is there just the one stage ? Just wondering what unholy early time The Twilight Sad are likely to be on. Plus not fancying £100 + to get near the (one ?) stage in the “Premium” section.


Nah more than 1, the smaller ones are, well, small. Think there’s some kind of tent scenario that has had a queueing system in the past but never went in there when seeing Neilers, Massive Attack, etc.


This hasn’t a hope of selling out. Some of the big pop acts who sell out 3 nights at the O2 don’t sell this out. Cure did Wembley Arena and Bestival last year? I know they didn’t help Bestival sell tickets. They are a big band with a large finite fanbase None of that support is big enough to sell extra tickets.

Neil Young and the National didn’t sell out the other year. And I’d say that’s got more chance of the average London indie ‘off to a festival for a day’ type buying a ticket on a whim.


It’ll sell out, pretty sharpish too i’d have thought.


Can’t wait to see Interpol at 5pm in the sun at Hyde Park


Imagine liking interpol and not liking the cure, or even pretending to have these opinions


Got tickets, playing a risky game with baby due on May 29th but fuck it - The Cure are worth it!



For £2.50, sure. For full price, nah.


I just spaffed £140 on two tickets. Please buy me a pint or two if anyone gets in for £2.50


Would be really keen to go to this but no way I can afford it until the new year, please don’t sell out!


Anyone got a link for the presale? I’m on the cure website and can’t see it


Where does it say that? I’d have thought this nails them on for Primavera.


this actually very decent :fire: deserves a bit more appreciation personally