The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


probably going to do this, never seen the cure, always been put off by their ridiculous set lengths, but this I can make a day of it and wander off when I’m bored


I’m over here appreciating the fuck out of it!


right above their name on the poster:


Ah, ok.


how much is this going to cost, been to numerous hyde park things, never paid more than £2.50 (and still sometimes felt cheated)




Yeah this ^ - After being a big fan for years and years, I was super excited when they were announced but in a festival setting, the whole thing just felt like a massive slog. Such a shame though because looking at the setlist now, they really backended their show with some real gems!


How that set could be considered dull is beyond me but I wasn’t there nor am I you so I’ll take your word for it… I guess :wink:


Ha, I’m looking at it again now and I’m pretty stunned too! The lil one-two’s of Play For Today / A Forest & One Hundred Years / Disintergration were pretty ace but it felt like it dragged a bit - I can imagine it would have been fantastic in a seated venue! I’m gonna blame my soured mood on sunburn and Estrella (probably)…


Was also at that Cure gig at Primavera. Also bored beyond belief by it.

Was like watching a long opera. You know you’re meant to be enjoying it and it’s art but yet couldn’t wait for it to be over.


It’s the second line of the poster


Lineup wise this is as good as it gets for me. Unfortunately can’t go because of family wedding. So taking solace in the negative Hyde Park comments above and Simon Price’s bitchy comments about the shiteness of the golden circle etc on twitter. Also hate outdooor shows. However, If Protomartyr are announced later will be :sob:

Interpol AND Twilight Sad!




Might need a poll to clarify that, “man him, bods” was pretty special too


Yeah, that was a great one too.


“Backended” with the gems?


*Edit: Nah, I appreciate that you could still find it a slog though. I struggled through Springsteen at Glastonbury just because I was knackered from standing around all day then had to stand for 3 and a bit hours and that’s Springsteen! Also Radiohead at Primavera couple of years ago killed my knees - all time favourite band and also kinda wanted it to end.


Have tickets!


Is this the ‘whitest’ line-up every assembled?


Goths wear black, M8


joke’s been done pal