The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


It’s not a joke, genuinely, is it?



Is it a criticism of the event in your opinion?


It’s quite a career spanning set but the gems I’m regretting not savouring more over were part of the encore(s) - The Kiss, If Only We Could Sleep Tonight, Dressing Up (!) and The Blood slotted next to other hits! Just a shame that I didn’t enjoy it more.


A bit, seems like the same thing over and over again to me, like a more expensive version of one of those ‘Shine On’ festivals. Enjoy it if you’re going though.


Not sure if the buying a ticket for the Premium View/Golden Circle is that advantageous this time round.

It looks like you can get right to the front (if you’re there early enough) with a normal ticket.


I thought that was always the layout?


I guess I think the different demographic make up of different genres audiences reflects much deeper societal factors outside of the control of a festival line up, so it seems like a little bit of a cheap shot


Nope, they started separating the areas up nearer the stage from around 2013 or 2014 and made punters pay more to get closer.

For example, Roger Waters this year…


Tickets for the Diamond Circle are £250!

I loved the Arcade Fire £2.50 gig in 2014 when they had sold barely any of the Premium View tickets so they were giving out the wristbands for free on the day. Lovely stuff.


I like how the layout looks like a bird on a perch


Arf! You got me bang to rights man, next time I comment I will think more fully about deeper societal factors. So, so sorry.


Just don’t like it when serious issues get reduced to indie points I guess


Clearly have a norwich fan working the planning:


I see, must have been the case for arcade fire and strokes


'Indie Points??


@Scott_Chegg’s was better


I think they’ll probably do really well on tickets for this? They play big arenas and headline slots everywhere, plus that supporting bill is one of the best I’ve seen for any of the Hyde Park shows. Usually lots of shit.


Does anyone know if they do ID checks/card checks at these shows? I bought tickets before realising I couldn’t go and the friend I was going with can take someone else instead if not.


I’ve only been with the £2.50 tickets, they just scanned a bar code


I’ve been with £2.50 tickets and real tickets - never had ID checked :+1: