The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


Sold out now.


What is the capacity for a show like this then?


Massive - ~60k?


No way! It can’t be more than 20k?


Nope, I’m talking shite, you’re on the money:


Slowdive and Interpol clashing


Where’s that from?




Not a bad day for me - Twilight Sad, Ride, This Will Destroy You, Pale Waves, Interpol, The Cure. Gutted to miss Slowdive but the TV is a big Interpol fan and has never seen them. Hopefully the Bacardi cocktail bar will be there for super efficient Cuba Libres which had the best alcohol / queue length / cost ratio the last couple of times I’ve been.


They aren’t exact, at least according to some pr stuff I’ve received


Download the app, it’s showing completely different times to that clashfinder.

According to the app, Slowdive are on at 14:50 and Interpol at 18:35, both on the Great Oak Stage.

I’m only going to the Roger Waters day, so have absolute stinker of a support bill. Only thing I’m interested in is Squeeze and they’ve dumped them in the roasting hot tent thing, finishing at exactly the same time as Roger starts. FFS! They can piss off if they think I’m watching Richard bloody Ashcroft!


Yeah that’s what I got


PG.lost have been added! Class.


Yeah Gallops too. BST app times are completely different to the ones on the clashfinder


Gallops are great! I can’t find where they’ve been added - the app is not very user friendly.


I’m so excited for this but it’s going to be a LONG day.


Hello everyone I’m not going to this I’d just like to once again remind you all to stop relying on Clashfinder.


Can’t believe I didn’t buy a ticket for this. So many bands I love are playing. What an idiot.


my sentiments exactly. I was all like, yeah, because Slowdive are going to go down so well in a field in London!

… I mean, they’re not, it will be chocked full of chit chat, but either way I’m missing The Cure.


Slowdive, TWDY, PG.Lost, Editors, The Twilight Sad, Interpol, The Cure. Literally love all these acts.