The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


It’s easily one on the best 1 day line ups I’ve ever seen.
Which is funny because I’d rather be on fire than go to any of the other days


Any tickets floating about for this?


yeah, I’m also hunting for tickets. frustratingly, it’s listed on Ticket Swap, but the tickets seem to be paper ones, which people don’t seem to be (able to?) sell on there.


Yep. Me too to loving all the bands. If it makes you feel better I had a ticket but had to sell it as realised it clashes with a unget-outable family event (in the north east so definitely can’t do both).


I bought tickets for the Roger Waters day as a 70th birthday present to my dad. If that Cure day had been announced first, he’d have been getting beer instead. Couldn’t afford to do them both.


Absolutely reasonable. I’m accompanying my dad to the Clapton day. Probably too late put him onto Interpol and Slowdive.


Can anyone with the BST app confirm whether the clashfinder is now accurate?

If so, the football has probably fucked my intentions of watching Editors…


It is


Lots of less than face value tickets on Twickets now.


Crazy that BST hasn’t officially confirmed if they’re showing the match. They’ll lose out on loads of beer sales if they don’t. Not sure how much crossover in a Venn diagram there is between Cure fans and football fans, but surely there’s enough?

The thought of watching the match with a field full of goths cracks me up though!

Slowdive trumps footie for me, but I would like to see the second half if possible. Editors, meh…


They’ve said on Twitter they aren’t


There is no question that they should show it in my opinion


It would cost a fortune to get the rights to show it.


I can remember being at a Hyde Park festival (Macca) and they did show the England vs Germany match somewhere in the festival.


Nah, festivals regularly show this kind of game.


I believe (purely based on a conversation from an ex-colleague who had a chat with Robert Smith in the pub once) that Robert Smith is a football fan (and good company).
Not that this really has any bearing!

I am very keen to see the game but Slowdive and This Will Destroy you beat the 1st half, Will miss Editors for the second half. If it goes to extra time its a major dilemma…keen to see Twilight Sad again after their strong show at Primavera but equally as that was only a few weeks ago (sadly seems like months) I may have to choose the football…or stream on the phone with the sound down whilst going mental to And She Would Darken The Memory


Well you can’t go out of the site and back in so you’d have to use your phone?


There was a conversation on the facebook page where someone posted a screenshot of a conversation they’d had about the football with someone from AXS who said they couldn’t announce anything yet, but to keep an eye on social media over the next few days.

personally I’d take Slowdive’s suggestion of having it on the screen behind them. reckon it’d be pretty funny if there were any goals during their set, and it’s not like it wouldn’t be ruined with chatter anyway.


This is going to be a nightmare scenario isn’t it - unable to properly concentrate on the music OR the football :scream::scream::scream_cat:

Although I am reminded of Palace playing Man Utd in the 2016 FA Cup. I was going to see The Dandy Warhols that evening in Camden, but spent the entire day on the verge of a panic attack as I was so nervous about the football. Watched the final in The Hawley Arms surrounded by United fans, and was obviously pretty devastated by the result. Happily though, skipped straight out of the pub and straight into the venue where the band had just come on stage - instantly lightened my mood. Moral of that story - always have a gig on hand if you’re watching a crunch football match :+1:


When England played Portugal in Euro 2004 I was at a Walkmen gig at ULU - they showed it in the bar and 90% of the audience, along with the band themselves, watched it through to the penalties. Recall poor Ikara Colt were supporting and played to about 20 people. Walkmen came on about 30 seconds after the Ricardo winning penalty and was the perfect cure!