The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


Wasn’t planning on watching Editors but if they’re showing the football then I am 100% going to see Editors!

Also, has anyone been at BST before? What’s the bar like, is the lager of choice Carling or something?


I was at Glastonbury for that match - they showed it on the big screens at The Pyramid Stage to a MASSIVE crowd. Obviously a pretty crushing defeat, but five minutes later I was pretty much, “Hey, I’m at Glastonbury - who gives a fuck?”


Part of Bongo’s schtick on the Zoo TV tour was to make a big song and dance about flicking through local TV channels on the giant screens. When he did this in Glasgow, he turned over just as Brian McClair scored against Russia in Scotland’s last European Championship match and the place went wild.

In retrospect, this may not actually have been as live as I originally believed.


Normally some kind of generic lager (think it was Tuborg the last time I went). If it’s set up like before the Bacardi bar was your best bet for a short queue and booze / cost ratio.


I was at that too!


Wonder if thats what got the singer mad on Portugal


The TV went to Hyde Park to see JLS (because the Beach Boys(!) were supporting and she got free tickets) and they showed the Wimbledon final ft Andy Murray on the big screens whilst Paul Young was playing.


Thanks man!


Am full on buzzin’ for this m876s! Definitely going to greet when Twilight Sad are playing.


Nah, terrestrial TV innit, would just need a TV license


At the Roger Waters day of Hyde Park Calling in ‘06 they showed England v Portugal.
I seem to remember the big screen being about 45 degrees offset from the main stage, and the bulk of the game taking place during Texas’ set (who were an awful main support booking for RW). Sharleen Spiteri wasn’t overly impressed and was quite vocal, that while the crowd looked rather large, almost none of them were actually facing the stage… I think she may have called us all bastards at one stage, but it was a long time ago.


Always liked Spiteri, bang on here. Top lass.


i remember that well. i was right on the front barrier. texas were really shit and lifeless (as well as the crowd, most of the band seemed to be trying to watch the match as they were playing) and a guy threw his shoes at the stage, which is what prompted sharleen’s massive rant. the whole thing was pretty embarrassing, really.

roger waters was amazing, though.


Thank you for the extra insight! Glad to know my memory isn’t totally shot.

Roger Waters was absolutely incredible. One of the better Hyde Park gigs I’ve seen, and I think before the draconian sound limits were implemented (that completely ruined Blur post Olympics for example).


I was there as well! Didn’t they only play six songs or so though as a result of coming on late?


That sounds awful.
Put the football away from the music for god’s sake. :unamused:



Possibly. I was very drunk.


Me too!


If Hot Hot Hot!!! and NeVAR Enough aren’t on the setlist tomorrow, Robert Smith is missing a trick…