The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


Weather looks like it’s going to be good! What are everyone’s plans?

I’m going to drink some train beers and hopefully get in for Pale Waves > Slowdive > PG Lost or This Will Destroy You (whichever stage is closer) > Twilight Sad > food / booze > Interpol > Ride > the Cure

One of the strongest lineups for a one dayer I’ve been to. Excited!


Same but booze instead of TWDY


Hopefully the TV will go on a booze run while they play - don’t think they’ll be her thing.


Any idea what the BST policy is on bringing water in?
Would prefer not to pay £3 or so every time I need to hydrate in this weather.


Reckon we’ll probably get there in time for Slowdive > skulk off to try and watch some of the football vs This Will Destroy You > Editors vs offer to go on a booze run and try and watch more football > The Twilight Sad combined with panic attack during penalties > Goldfrapp > food > Interpol > get bored by Ride and give up > The Cure.

If it’s even 50% as much fun as Nick Cave day at All Points East the other month then I will be very pleased. Going to be hot out there, so everyone look after yourself :+1:


Think it’s one unopened 500ml bottle per person, and there should be taps you can fill up from on site


It might be coming home yet lads. It might be coming home yet…




Slowdive 1:30
Editors 2:20

Stages showing the game


Official announcement at four, apparently.


Might not be happening now, despite the wishes of the two bands above. Made press as well now;


I’m not clicking that link, but delighted I don’t have to worry about the football :smiley:


I am on the train prsenetlyyyy


Oh that’s a shame! Where did those times come from? Sounds like it was ready to happen, any idea what changed?


Mix of first second and third hand info. Bands wanted it, promoters don’t is what I’m getting. Official statement says its not now anyway


I really love slowdive, so it’s no question for me, but such a shame they couldn’t have worked it out, and I guess it will be well empty for the first half of the day! Remember watching England at Glastonbury, 2004 I think, fondly, though I’ve no idea who they played or what the score was! I can’t even remember who played that weekend either, which is strange.


Portugal (lost on pens)? Best place to be to forget about the result…


Yeh that sounds about right! Ah man I really miss 1995-2005 Glastonbury


Pumarosa added to the bill last minute - on at 14:10. Nice! They were great at APE.


Slowdive suggest showing the game behind them!