The Cure Hyde Park show with Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad AND MORE


Yes slowdive


Pics or it didn’t happen


Fucking hell, the Twilight Sad are pretty much the best band in the UK right? Had goosebumps through loads of that.


Also tucked away by the Birra Moretti Bar is an Arancini Bros food truck - absolutely banging vegan deep fried risotto balls.

Having a pretty great day - sound good on all stages. Slowdive were lovely, This Will Destroy You were ok, Editors are a good half hour of hits mid afternoon drinking band, Twilight Sad stunning.


Yep TTS have graduated to amazing the last two times I have seen them (Leeds Brudenell and Meltdown). Not there today but definitely making up for it when they tour next.


I also got stung by a wasp and threw about £90 worth of rum all over myself earlier. Good job I overdosed on antihistamine earlier.


How are the bars/queues/toilets?


Not too bad - ten minutes for a drink, same for food, five for the toilet. Loads of bars and food options and seems to be more toilets everywhere. Pretty well organised festival tbf.


What a day.
Pure brilliant.
But now I need to lie down


My only problem with it was that I was absolutely knackered by the time the Cure came round


We got in at 12:30, we were fried by the time the Cure came on.


Same! I have a hilarious shirty burny spot.

I’m not sure if I saw any DiSers. Thought I saw a face I recognised from the selfie threads wearing a twilight sad shirt (I had a white Slowdive shirt and probably looked very dehydrated)


Yeah that was a top day, missed Pale Waves because trains from Basildon (we’re staying with the in laws) were cancelled. The Cure are one of those bands that whenever I see them I find myself thinking “oh yeah that’s all the biggies played” and then they bust out an absolute banger I’d forgotten existed. Like that song from the Crow soundtrack!

Twilight Sad and Slowdive were my other real highlights. Didn’t really rate Interpol but that might be down to my lack of familiarity with anything but the hits. Thought Goldfrapp were good fun although not a great fit for the day.

They’ve definitely sorted out a lot of the things I found frustrating about that festival since the earlier ones I went to. Sound was remarkably good all day and didn’t seem too quiet - the relatively still weather definitely helped. As I mentioned above - never found any queues too long, layout made sense, loads of toilets always being cleaned. Had some great food too - went back to Arancini Bros again later in the day and had a vegan hoisin mock duck sushi wrap from one of the stands behind the main stage. Banging.

Nerd quote was also high - the TV got a lot of comments about her Pains Of Bein Pure At Heart shirt from awkward men haha.


Fucked it on the factor 50 didn’t I m8s. Schnoz like a beetroot.


That was great.


Thought I saw Sean Adams watching Interpol.


We got there early and as a result got wristbands for the front circle bit. Didn’t know they were doing that but it was a nice surprise. Decent view, sound, loads of room to dance etc…


Yeah, I’m glad we were early enough to pick them up. Wasn’t expecting so much space during the Cure’s set (which was welcome as, as I say, t’was rate knackered)


Yep, also did that!


We really don’t deserve Slowdive do we?
Such an amazing start to the day, but not playing Blue skyed and clear missed a great chance.
pg.lost were brilliant but would have like more of them.
Editors were fun but my winner for the day were The Twilight Sad, first time seeing them and won’t be the last.
Was sure the singer was going to cry because how well they went down with the crowd.

Great day :sunglasses: