The Cure in the 90s

I believe there is a consensus that the quality control started to slip in the 90s, so lets talk about ‘Wish’ & ‘Wild Mood Swings’. What do you think of these albums, plus the singles ‘Never Enough’ & ‘Wrong Number’ and any B-sides you might care to mention.

this is from 2001 but it’s one of my favourite cure songs by far

love this song


Absolutely agree. ‘Cut Here’ is a fantastic song and it was a real shame it didn’t even crack the Top 40 when it came out. Apparently, the song is about a meeting between Smith and Billy Mackenzie (of The Associates) who killed himself not long after.

It is great opener on ‘Wish’.

Bloodflowers is one of my favourite Cure albums… but that’s 2000 right? I dnk. I think they’ve always been pretty great. One of the few bands from the 70s that still seemed great in the 90s.

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Yeah, ‘Bloodflowers’ came out in February 2000, so it just missed the 90s. It was recorded in the 90s though, so feel free to talk about it! I’ve never been able to really get to grips with ‘Bloodflowers’, but i love ‘Out of This World’.

Also, Alkaline Trio do a faithful, but excellent, cover of this song.

I think Bloodflowers is one of their better albums.

Wish is brilliant, obviously.


Wish is my favourite Cure album, so yeah. I actually don’t mind Wild Mood Swings.

Same. Shame it’s the best thing on the album

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From what I remember, ‘Wish’ is a solid album and near enough on a par with ‘Disintegration’


Not a popular opinion but the real slide starts with Disintegration. The real peak is The Head On The Door-into-Kiss Me era when they were basically the best band in the world.

Some of Wish just goes on for ever; those endless cymbal crashes on the opening track Open, while Smithy the bored millionaire gripes about having to meet people in a bar
("Just one drink, and there’re some people to meet you, I think that you’ll like them, and I promise in less than an hour we will honestly go… "). I mean Christ…

I remember there’s a demo of Open on the vinyl single of High (also terrible) and it begins with a voice saying “Are we gonna record this?” I honestly wish they hadn’t.

To Wish Impossible Things is good.

another 2000 one here with sentimental value

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I think there’s an instrumental on the self-titled album I was crazy about. Can’t remember what it was called.

Mmm do you have amnesia?

I don’t remember anyone diagnosing me with it, but that doesn’t really prove anything tbf

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Great tune

Wish is good but let’s not go nuts